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Aeroplane – Bass Tapping (Introducing Tom Foutsitzis)

I’ve just recently returned from my first international gig in Europe, and we’ve started recording the followup album to Ad Infinitum, which I released in December of 2011. I’ve realized that I’ve been saying ‘we’ quite a lot lately, but I haven’t properly explained who ‘we’ are. This video introduces Tom Foutsitzis, my good friend and bassist. Watch us play Tom’s rendition of Aeroplane, in which he uses finger tapping techniques on his 6 string warwick bass.


How to Paint an Acoustic Guitar & Nashville Tuning

Last year, I decided to paint my very first acoustic guitar. I chose the old Samick that my parents bought for me back in middle school. My sister Sydni is a very talented artist, and so of course I asked her to paint it for me!

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I Quit My Job For Music

First proper video update in about a year. I’m filming from Regent Park in Westminster, London before my first international gig at Dublin Castle in Camden Town. I recently quit my job at Microsoft to follow my dreams of being a professional musician. In the past few months since I started my new life, I’ve reunited with my high-school proggy math-rock band Oh, Adeona, I’ve almost completed development of a brand new music distribution platform, and I’ve started recording a new album! Many more updates to come : )

A Tambourine Pedal!

Shout out to our talented friend Caroline Rose for this percussion innovation. Plus, a lil clip of me playing her song “This is What Livin Feels Like”

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